About Covidenda

Who we are

We are a biomedical AI company specializing in improving the triage and treatment of COVID-19.

What we do

Using machine learning, we discover patterns and correlations in patient data. With our partner physicians, we use this information to tailor treatment and predict patient outcome.

Unlike other companies and research groups that appear to do similar things, our proprietary algorithms make us unique in several important ways. In particular, we

  • consider patient data holistically, including x-ray and ultrasound images, radiology reports, and blood tests;
  • examine the whole image as well as specific radiology zones, scanning as a human clinician would;
  • use multiple algorithms to leverage their individual strengths, e.g. one algorithm that focuses on similarities in the data and another that emphasizes differences;
  • distinguish COVID-19 from other respiratory diseases (with an accuracy >99%);
  • identify different phenotypes within COVID-19; and
  • provide quantitative results on the type and severity of COVID-19.


  • Improve patient triage so that medical resources can be allocated more efficiently (e.g. ventilators and ICU beds);
  • Find the best treatments specific to COVID-19 type; and
  • Predict long-term effects

How you can help

We have an established information pipeline that will help you de-identify data, to protect patient privacy, and upload it to our site for processing. We work with medical facilities of all sizes, from individual physicians and clinics to broad hospital networks, and will benefit from any information you can provide.

If you would like to contribute, please contact partners@covidenda.com